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VISION PRO ❱ Smart HD Dash Cam Camera ❱ 1080P ❱ Full HD ❱ Small, Discreet, Powerful. ❱ WiFi & Smart Phone Connectivity ❱ 32GB MSD Card Included ❱ Wide Angle Lens ❱ Loop Recording ❱ G-Sensor


  • SMALLEST HD DASH CAM ON THE MARKET ❱ Weighing only 36g and it's 32mm cube size, the Vision Pro Dash Cam is a discreet, compact, non-intrusive solution. ❱ No more large devices obscuring your view ❱ Don't let your camera be an MOT failure!


  • SMALL BUT SMART! ❱ Advanced features such as WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth 3.0, Smartphone App, 3-Axis G-Sensor & 1080P HD Loop Recording all add to the functionality of this powerful dash cam ❱ Good things come in small packages.


  • SUPERIOR LENS QUALITY ❱ Super-wide 155˚ angle lens, giving you the best view of the road. Large f/1.8 aperture allows for great low light video capture. 6 layered lens construction. ❱ Perfect for capturing video when driving at dusk or at night.


  • DYNAMIC RECORDING ❱ Instant startup time of 3s, ready to record as soon as you start your car. Loop recording, never run out of space. ❱ The 3-Axis G-Sensor automatically locks video content after an accident to prevent the files being written over.


  • APP FUNCTIONALITY ❱ iOS & Android fully featured app. Live View, Geographic Tagging and Video Editing features make this more than just a dash cam. ❱ Share footage instantly via email or social media directly from the app.


  • Options available:
    Unit Only - Free shipping of the dash cam unit only, self fitting.
    Unit + Installation - Our engineer will bring the dash cam to a nationwide location of your choice and hard wire the dash cam into your vehicle.


Vision Pro HD Dash Cam

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